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E-commerce Logistics

2016-07-18 10:42:46.0

With the development of the international network over the last few years, cross-border e-commerce has become a new trend in international trading. Different from the traditional offline transaction, e-commerce is the fastest growing field. Because of the unique online transaction business model, cross-border e-commerce is a huge market, with sellers and consumers around the world. Although e-commerce has many unbeatable advantages, its development is restricted by factors including source of products, cross-border logistics, financial flow and information flow. Therefore, the focus of competition is moving from products to supply chain and service quality.

As traditional retailers, e-commerce giants, venture capital firms and logistics companies join the online business, cross-border e-commerce has formed many different business models. According to the nature of platforms, they can be categorized into buyer platform (C2C, for example, Ymatou.com), third-party sellers platform (B2C, for example, JD.com), self-operated platform (B2C, for example, Jumei.com). Based on the operation model, e-commerce has seven different types, including M2C, self-operated and direct purchase import, import through overseas buyers, bonded import, direct shipping from foreign countries, rebate model and shopping community. No matter what business models the e-commerce platforms use, they always need support from stable supply chain and the cost control of logistics, which determine the competitiveness of the platforms.

Since its founding in 1995, GCE Group has been focusing on the development and construction of cross-border logistics channels and operation systems by providing personalized logistics solutions to different types of enterprises. In this way, GCE Group assists the customers in expanding the global market. In order to better meet market demand, besides the freight and courier service, GCE Group is expanding its business by providing warehousing and trans-shipping. With the advantages of its resources and years of experience, GCE Group plays a leading role in cross-border logistics.

We can provide the following essential cross-border e-commerce services, including: 

1.  International Logistics

By utilizing powerful freight and courier services, GCE Courier provides cross-border e-commerce companies both air and ocean freight shipping, which transfers a large quantity of cargo in a cost effective way, and international courier service with express customs clearance, which ships packages directly to customers with a shorter transit time. Since its founding, GCE has been a partner with many reputable shipping carriers to provide the best logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce customers.

2.   Overseas warehouse

In order to solve the headache of high-cost and complex cross-border e-commerce logistics, GCE Group launched GCE Warehousing, which serves both importers and exporters by helping them reduce costs by optimizing logistics and inventory. The combination of ocean shipping and express courier allows cross-border e-commerce companies to react quickly to the dynamic and changing market. Meanwhile, our overseas warehouse effectively solves the problem of reverse logistics.

3.   Procurement and Other services

In addition to traditional logistics services, GCE Group cooperates with many suppliers to help cross-border e-commerce companies in sourcing high-quality products. We do procurement for customers and deliver the cargo to the customer’s designated warehouse or to consumers with a wide range of shipping options provided by us. Furthermore, our professional customer service representatives are standing by 24 hours a day to provide you with answers in multiple languages for anything regarding import and export, as well as to help you analyze and optimize your supply chain.

GCE Group provides one-stop, intelligent services. We are committed to meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction through constant monitoring of technical and market trends to anticipate needs and ensure the development of appropriate products and solutions. As a leading cross-border e-commerce solutions expert, GCE Group is your trustworthy partner.

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