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These policies are issued to avoid extensive losses and to minimize unnecessary risk in providing DDP services. Please see the following conditions before we can start our DDP


1. AGREEMENT (please see attached draft for review by Legal Dept)

Shipper is defined as the actual party who shall be responsible for the financial responsibility of the DDP services.Shipper must signed the Global Courier Express 'DDP Service Agreement' with the coordination of Global Courier Express's oversea office or agent shall insure that they fully understand the scope of the agreement.
Shipper must submit a copy of their current financial records such as but not limited to Financial Statements, Bank Statements, etc. as supporting documents for financial stability.
If there is a 3rd party involved (i.e co-loader), the DDP Agreement must still be signed by the actual and true shipper; in addition, the co-loader agent must issue an 'Indemnity Letter' as an endorsement and as additional documentation.
The ultimate shipper shall also be requested to sign the Intermodal Policy Agreement to protect us from future charges incurred not added to the original invoice.


The shipper must be questioned if this is the first (1st) time that they are shipping with a DDP arrangement
• if the answer is YES, they need to provide to us the Foreign Customs ID
• if the answer is NO , they must be inform that we can assist them to apply for their own Foreign Customs ID


The shipper must provide their customers Tax I.D. or IRS Number.


The initial information must be forwarded to Global Courier Express offices to solicit proper quote response based on the information.

True packing list and invoice is required to be given to us within a minimum 3 days after the departure from origin port.
This will allow Global Courier Express and its customs house brokerage services to be pre-dispose on making necessary changes for any corrections or amendments.


First rule, DDP charges are always subject to change.
a. HTS Codes - US Customs has a time bar of 1 year to correct and collect any difference from original tariff code filing.
b. Door Services - Trucking companies have a grace period of 45 days to advice of any additional charges.
c. Warehouse - Warehouse companies have a grace period of 45 days to advice of any additional charges.
d. Demurrage - Subject charges are to be billed to Shipper, unless explicitly advised that any other additional charge are to be collected from any other Party deemed liable
e.  Equipment Per Diem - Subject charges are to be billed to the Shipper unless explicitly advised to collect from the Consignee
f. Empty Per Diem - Subject charges are to be billed to the Shipper, unless explicitly  advised to collect from the Consignee
g. Other Fees – A minimum amount of $45 shall be charged to the shipper for wire transfer fee and handling fee. This amount is subject to change.


If the duties are to exceed USD $5000 per a single, it must be collected from the shipper and a wire transfer arrangement must be applied.
Any other payment arrangement shall be reviewed and properly approved prior to any booking(s).
The shipper is given another option to settle balances. They can use a Stand Letter of  Credit from the bank as a guarantee of payment. Upon delivery, DS can withdrawn funds from this LC. (This is still under research)
The shipper is given 5 days after clearance to settle the invoice. If payment is not received within 5 days, a past due notice will be sent to the shipper and broker. Shipment will be held until payment is settled. If it is a last day shipment, broker will not pay the duty until full amount of duties are received.
If the agent wishes to settle within the SOA, it will be applied based on SOA rules and current Agency Agreement.


DDP Accounts must be duly approved ONLY by each oversea office or agent's official (GM, Manager or Station Officer).
Intermodal Policy is strictly enforced.
The Standard DDP Quotation Form shall also be posted.
The DDP Service Policy and Agreement Form shall also be posted.
We shall upload within our Logistics Center the most current information regarding US Customs and AMS Update.

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