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Import Courier Service

2016-07-18 10:31:54.0

With professional teams and excellent partners, GCE Courier can handle import courier shipments at all ports of the United States by providing our clients full customs clearance service, including freight pickup, import declaration, warehousing, order fulfillment, etc.

Our import courier service primarily targets individual or business documents, and cargos whose value does not exceed US$200, such as commercial samples, general merchandise as well as products from e-commerce platform.

For the international trading corporation, especially for cross-border e-commerce companies, transit time is often an important element of customer experience. In order to meet the high demand of market requirements for speedy delivery, GCE Courier offers convenient express customs clearance service by simplifying and speeding up the procedures. After the cargo has been released by customs, GCE Courier can provide order fulfillment service, or drop off the pre-labeled packages at the customer’s designated carrier. This full service improves logistics efficiency by eliminating intermediate nodes, which not only saves time for the client, but also reduces operation participants and improves cargo security.

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