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Export Courier Service

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GCE Courier is fully dedicated to providing customers the best export courier service, with 10 branch offices, more than 100 agents and multiple express line options available to customers.

Our export courier service covers many different categories of packages or items including letters, documents, commercial samples and general merchandise. We offer a wide range of shipping options that allows customers to choose the best option for them, based on the quantity, weight and value of the package. Answering customers’ questions and solving their concerns are always our job and mission. GCE Courier provides the customer with comprehensive information, such as package delivery routes, transit times, packaging guidelines, customs clearance and charges, and so on.

We provide efficient, high-quality and low-cost courier export solutions to individual customers, as well as many enterprises and e-commerce platforms.

We have branch offices, service centers, agent offices in the United States, mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan that provide around-the-clock service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Moreover, our real time on-line order tracking system keeps you updated all the time.

GCE Courier strives to achieve faster, more economical, smoother and more personalized service for you as it delivers your packages to China and around the world!

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